Oregon Fall 2017 Trip Day 3: Buddy/Salamander Creek

The return to buddy creek was most wonderful. I knew it was going to be good judging by the tens of rough skinned newts I saw ambling by just outside of the car park. I got several videos of them ambling so ineptly over the leaves, but this was the best one.

ambling newt.gif

Moving on we had to be really careful to watch our step to not squish these overly abundant critters. They were the same colour as the paved walkways and the leaf litter so it was pretty tricky. Then I got to checking every log in sight.


First up is this … something. It might be a Western Long Toed Salamander but other pictures of those have much more prominent coloration along their backs – so I’m not sure.


More log overturning took place and I found what I think is my favourite salamander from this whole trip, a Northwestern Salamander (Ambystoma gracile). I spent as long as I could with this little guy and got a lot of photos.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then finally a Pacific Banana Slug. I’ve got some more information from when I found them last time here.




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