Oregon Fall 2017 Trip Day 2: Yaquina Head Tidepools

I couldn’t leave the coast without visiting the Yaquina Head Tidepools again! This time I went when the tide was low – too bad it was also 30 minutes before closing… This meant I only had time to snap a few quick photos before the sun set. Ironically maybe I did end up seeing more animals this time! I wish the sun didn’t set so early so I could have observed them a lot longer.



The tidepools were so cluttered with anemones, urchins and debris. It’s the sort of thing you could look at for ages and still keep noticing new things.



This picture actually has a fish in it, he’s sat just to the right of the grey and pink egg shaped rock on the left. I was just about to type that I had no idea what this fish was but a quick google search of common tidepool fish brings up Sculpins which appear commonly in tidepools and have similar stripey features. That being said, that’s not very much to go on.


This however is most discernibly a sea star.  I took a video of it which is so completely not worth including. And that’s the end of the interesting pictures – or at least that’s the end of the pictures.



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