Vancouver Spring 2018 Day 2: Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver aquarium is 80% of the reason we visited anywhere in the first place so it’s pretty important that it gets it’s own post – even if most of the photos I took were mediocre. It turns out it’s pretty hard to get good pictures of critters in busy aquariums in overcrowded hallways. I also ran out of battery… It was more of a “let’s experience this thing” over a “lets take amazing pictures” sort of day.

I didn’t take much care in remembering what all of the species were so here’s just a dump of some of my favourite snaps.


I do remember this guy though, this is a pig-nosed turtle and s/he refused to look at me.




They had a whole section called “Frogs Forever?” – it was my favourite.



The impossibly small, impossibly adorable best small frog.



This is a bullfrog tadpole. I loved his murky green tank.


I think this was my favourite shot of the fire-bellied toad.



And finally…


Now it’s time to go outside and find my own critters. : )

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Spring 2018 Day 2: Vancouver Aquarium

  1. LOVED the pictures!!! I have a love for frogs I can’t explain, maybe that is why I ended up here in a wet muddy place (The Netherlands). I think your frog pictures are wonderful!


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