Vancouver Spring 2018 Trip Day 1: Pacific Spirit Park

Just minutes away from the UBC Vancouver campus is a huge old-growth forest spotted with boggy bits and winding creeks. This was also my first opportunity to try out my first real camera that I could use my raynox 250 on without everything being too blurry.

My salamander hopes were quite high given their inclusion on all of the signage. Despite only having two hours there (I am not sure why all the parking was only limited to two hours with so much area?) I was determined.


I am not sure if this is just a Black Slug? The yellow underbelly is throwing me off somewhat.

Before I had gotten to flipping over all of the logs in sight I (or actually not really I) spotted a tiny slug. Slugs are great for me to photograph because they’re not particularly mobile.

Many a log was flipped and many a salamander was not found. I did come across a ton of millipedes and a particularly pretty snail.



Near the end of our too short time there, I found three millipedes all writhing around in the same centimeter squared which I think warranted a video and a couple of photos. 🙂


And finally here’s one of them in semi-focused action!

I am so completely happy to back at it, wow it’s been a long winter. You’ll also have to bear with me with the out of focus things – still getting used to the camera.



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