Whitemud Creek Ravine


I went on a completely fantastic walk yesterday down the Whitemud Creek Ravine! it’s actually on the other side of the road from Rainbow Valley where once I saw a mouse.(well it’s all kind the same place partially). But once again, and this always seems to happen, I saw way more animals than I thought I would.


Almost immediately we saw a huge Pileated woodpecker woodpecking on a tree right next to a hill that let me climb up to get a great view. It also didn’t seem to mind us being there so that’s nice. I think most of my pessimism about finding animals was that most of the would be birds and that I would never get any good pictures of them. This woodpecker on the other hand was excellent.


Between the woodpecker and the next critter (which was the best critter) there were lots of squirrels, more woodpeckers, and lots of tiny chickadees. There were lots of seeds on the trail and they all seemed really comfortable around the people passing through so I mean I could have probably gotten a picture if I had tried harder. Instead I prefer to be really really lucky to find an adorable Least Weasel in the middle of the woods for no reason other than nature is the best.

Don’t mind all the shakes, the weasel was so so fast and I didn’t have time to set up my 10 inch tripod thing on the floor and still get to see the weasel. Haroo.

This little guy was being chased all over the place by a squirrel (which I was pretty sure weasels ate) so it was even more skittish. Finally, below is the best weasel video ever.



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