Rainbow Valley Ravine ‘Beaverville”

In anticipation of at least several beavers, we headed to a Rainbow Valley nature walk and saw no beavers. There’s always something thought in these places – like often times I start to feel like I’m not going to see any creatures and then boom: some creatures.

giphy-downsized-largeFor example this tiny mouse! There were two in a little bird observation area. (Don’t talk to me about photographing birds …)

I’ve also gotten in the habit of taking videos of things that are fast moving and in poor lighting because my camera seems to be able to cope with focusing and not worrying about exposure too much then. In retrospect I should have tried that with the chickadees…

It really was a lovely place though and with some more time and some better shoes I’d really like to explore a little bit more off trail.


I’ve also got to start thinking about what I’m going to do when the winter comes and there won’t be several spiders hanging off my deck or forty frogs after an evening rain. I may revisit my fossil collection and try and do some identification and photography.

I’m also considering researching animals and maybe once a fortnight presenting some kind of report? Either way, I’m not entirely sure what the wintry future holds. Who knows, maybe my backyard will be inhabited by moose or something.

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