Being a bug is rough: Part 2

A little forewarning, these videos are super gross.

A new octopus/flexible tripod has made taking steady pictures of the tiny things on the floor way easier. It also lets me get super cool angles by dangling my camera off of high places.

I found a chrysalis (not sure what kind yet) that looked like it had fallen from a tree. It was then found by ants and I got an interesting video. Watch for the big ant that comes investigating from the top left. The crazy lights are from the trees moving in the wind, makes the focus not very consistent sadly.

Back on my deck full of orb weavers I found an orb weaver, weaving orbs. More accurately, it was eating a something. It’s got a lot of waspy colours and supposed features but it’s really hard to tell. This orb weaver’s web is also right next the mouths of the three inactive* wasp nests from my last post.  (*They’re not actually inactive, or at the very least I saw two wasps fly in and out.) I learned my lesson from the last dead insect in a web that just because it is yellow and black does not mean it is a wasp.

If you’re looking for more bug gore, I’d suggest you check out Being a bug is rough: Part 1.

I also saw some lovely mushrooms and lichen. Haven’t gotten around to identification but I still wanted to share them even though I didn’t really want a whole post for them.

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