Updates (and a nifty dragonfly)

I two lessons today.

  1. Taking photos of moving things (bees, frogs, birds, etc.) is hard.
  2. Taking photos of still things is also hard.

I went to check up on the orb spider, she’s doing good. Looking spooky in her home.


I found a ruptured puffball!


There were also bees at this point in time – but they spent so little time on each flower that the photographs are not worth using up the storage space and posting here. One day!

And later on, when I went out again I got a fantastic opportunity to photograph a dragonfly resting on a lead. About 80 pictures left I got a picture that was in focus. Go me.☺


In so far as finding things that aren’t just in my backyard I have a tide pooling trip, and at least three zoo trips semi-planned so I’m thinking of these backyard posts as good practice for when I start finding more extraordinary things. Which – I mean – all of these things that just live in my backyard are extraordinary but you know. You can only take so many pictures of squirrels and the same spider – as bulbous as her posterior may be.


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