Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Show

I was clicking through some random YouTube videos and watched (and loved) a 30 minute long video documenting someone’s reptile show adventures. I decided on a whim to check and see if there were any going on in Edmonton. The answer was yes – and it was that weekend. (I am writing this post somewhat retroactively because this was last weekend oh well).

I don’t know very much about reptiles nor amphibians but I love them very much and was so excited to spend like two hours just looking at them. Here’s a great big gallery of all the adorable creatures I found.

First up were some astonishingly beautiful/expensive little frogs. I really should have made note of  what kind they were – alas. There will be a lot of this “I don’t know what this is but it’s cute” throughout this post.


This is a box of tortoises – don’t touch them please.

These are adorable, but hard to photograph because they were ‘double-packaged’, axolotls. ♥ My favourite thing at this show. It gives me a nice place to go too if I wanted to buy one because I wasn’t sure where to do that for non-extortionate prices.

I left the show with a greatly increased love for snakes. These little guys were beautiful and I loved watching them move about in their tiny snake boxes. I wasn’t actually aware of all the little holes on their face either so that was a learning moment.


I was particularly fond of the pink snakes and if I lived in a world where getting a little snake was a plausible thin that moment I would have bought this little pink snake below.


I then came across some lizards (geckos?) in tiny boxes on a shelf.

One of them was asleep and it’s completely adorable. Or it’s eyes are just closed. Still cute. Cuteness is important.

The same people who put small animals in boxes on a shelf had amphibians too. Here are a bunch of newts. All fantastic.

There were frogs. Tree frogs and pacman frogs. The pacman frogs kept jumping into the walls of their small boxes but they were still cute.


Above you will observe the perfectly formed lizard turd.

These are notably neither amphibians nor reptiles but still very lovable. I didn’t get any good pictures of the spiders because they were all under glass panes and the reflection was nuts. But rest assured there were many, many of those.


The last thing I did at the show was hold this little crested gecko. He crawled around on my hands and ‘instinctively wished to nest in my hair’. Apparently this is a problem for female lizard owners. His tiny head was so soft and his little sticky feet let him crawl around with ease. Super lovely.

I am extra glad that I made the journey out into Edmonton for this show and I aim to go regularly. It’s also made me look out more for these sorts of events in my city that have apparently gone on for years that I have never heard of. Who knows what sorts of exciting and adorable things there are to look at? ☺


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