Macro effort, micro results

I just got my Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On lens in the mail and the learning curve has been steep. The lighting was already not that great in the evening so I had to brighten up a lot of these shots. I’m looking forward to finding new critters in better lighting to practice on because even the okay shots I got today are pretty exciting!


I spent a long time with this guy and with only my small octopus tripod I couldn’t get really close without worrying about slipping and squishing him. :/ Beautiful colours though!


Same goes for this buddy. You can also see the edges of the clip on doobery which isn’t great. Finally I took some video and the lighting seemed to be a lot better!


Then – not using the macro lens – I got this short clip of a woodpecker hopping up a tree.


So yeah, just some practice shots – nothing too sciencey here! (note the usage of the terms buddy, little guy and doobery)

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