Oregon Summer 2017 Trip Day 5: Portland Metro Reptile Expo

logo_shirt-28.jpgI was fortunate enough to happen to be in Oregon for the eclipse and to catch this reptile expo! It was really really busy so I had troubles getting many good pictures but I saw some amazing critters. 🙂

First there were some very reasonably priced tiny axolotls. They of course melted my heart and I wished I could have taken them all home.



Also reptiles and coffee?

There was a frog, a well camouflaged frog. I’m sure it’s a very particular kind of frog.


There was a lovely  (less reasonably priced) Gila Monster. Actually I am sure he was reasonably priced, I’m sure they’re pricey pets.


As is the case with reptile expos, I get more than my typical exposure to snakes and they remain very lovely.




So above is the subset of things I liked and could take good pictures of. There were (oddly enough) a pile of Munchkin kittens with their mama. That was adorable and completely not reptile related.

There was also a table that had cleaned skulls and diaphonized specimens in jars. It was really neat to see and if I wasn’t worried about trying to bring it home I may have considered a purchase.



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