More Creatures in the Garden also DISASTER!

I am learning a lot of lessons about how it is difficult to take photos of insects. 😦 Sneaking up on frogs is easy enough but insects are so fast and so tiny that I have more than 20 shots that are basically blurry bugs.

On to the disaster: Orby is gone. 😦 Below is a new orb weaver I found, there’s also a second large one in the corner of a really high window – her name is Globey. It’s all very sad. Maybe she felt sufficiently pestered to leave.


I also found a worm. Wow.



Finally, my favourite frog shot of the evening (rest assured there were many).


There were three supposedly abandoned wasp nests under my deck that I hope to look at further when we take them down. It’s weird to see them all so close together! I’m fairly certain there’s a spider in the mouth of one of them too. Ooooh.


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